Recommended Farmers’ Resources

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  • Beekeeping, Bonney
  • Grass Productivity, Voisin
  • Grasses, Brown
  • Greener Pastures…, Murphy
  • Homeopathic Treatment of Cattle, George McCloud
  • Pastured Poultry Profits, Salatin
  • Raising Poultry, Mercia
  • Raising Sheep the Modern Way, Simmons
  • Salad Bar Beef, Salatin
  • Sheep Raisers Manual, Knuesi
  • Small Scale Sheepk Keeping, Hunt
  • The Man Who Listens to Horses, Roberts
  • Training Workhorses, Training Teamsters, Miller
  • Why Grassfed is Best, Robinson
  • Work Horse Handbook, Miller


  • Micro-Hydropower Sourcebook, NRECA International Foundation
  • Solar Living Sourcebook, Real Goods


  • Agriculture, Rudolph Steiner
  • A Biodynamic Farm, Lovel
  • Biodynamic Agriculture, Willy Schilthuis
  • “Biodynamic Farming practice”, Wistinghausen and Sattler
  • “Biodynamic Sprays”, Koepf
  • “Compost preps and Sprays”, Pfeiffer
  • Culture and Horticulture, Storl
  • “Handbook on Composting and the Biodynamic Preps”, Corrin
  • Kimberton Calendar
  • Spiritual Foundations for the Renewal of Agriculture, Steiner
  • “Stella Natura”, Calender from Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association
  • The Biodynamic Farm, Herbert Koepf


  • The Northeast Cover Crop Handbook, Marianne Sarrantonio Rodale Institute
  • Managing Cover Crops for Profitability, Sustainable Ag Network


  • CSA Farm Network, vol. 1&2, Gilman
  • Sharing the Harvest: a guide to community supported agriculture, Elizabeth Henderson


  • Horsedrawn Plows and Plowing, Miller
  • The Handcart Handbook, Tresemer
  • The Scythe Book, Tresemer
  • Steel in the Field, Bowman
  • Crop and Vegetable Farming or Gardening, Technical
  • Botany for Gardeners, Brian Capon
  • Garden Primer, Damrosch
  • Knott’s Handbook for Vegetable Growers, Maynard & Hochmuth
  • Rodales All New Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening, Rodale Press
  • Small Scale Grain Raising, Logsdon
  • Sustainable Vegetable Production from Start Up to Market, Vernon Grubinger
  • The Biological Farmer, Zimmer
  • The Gardenville Method, Beck
  • The Natural Way of Farming, Fukuoka
  • The New Organic Grower, Coleman


  • An Agricultural Testament, Albert Howard
  • The Albrecht Papers, William Albrecht, ACRES USA
  • Changes in the Land, Cronin
  • Conversations with Farmers, Finding Sustainable Agriculture, SARE project on Maine farms
  • Culture and Horticulture, Storl
  • Elements of Sustainable Agriculture, SARE project on Maine farms
  • Encyclopedia of Country Living, Emery
  • Exploring the Small Farm Dream, New England Small Farm Institute
  • Farmers of Forty Centuries: Permanent Agriculture in China, Korea, and Japan, F.H. King
  • Farmland Transfer and Protection in New England, New England Small Farm Institute
  • Farms of Tomorrow Revisited, Groh
  • Five Acres and Independence, Kains
  • Gift of Good Land, Berry
  • H.R.M., Alan Savory
  • Introduction to Permaculture, Mollison
  • Natural Capitalism, Hawkins/Lovings
  • On Good Land, Ableman
  • Out of the Earth, Daniel Hillel
  • Regenerating Agriculture, Pretty
  • Successful Small Scale Farming, Schwenke
  • The Contrary Farmer, Logsdon
  • Organic Gardening Down South, Neal
  • The Organic Farmer’s Business Handbook, Wiswall
  • The Organic Farming Manual, Hansen
  • The On-Farm Mentor’s Guide, NESFI
  • The New Farmers Market, Corum et al.
  • The Real Dirt, Miranda Smith
  • The Soul of Soil, Gershuny & Smillie
  • Slow Gardening, Rushing
  • The Soil & Health, Albert Howard
  • Unsettling of America, Wendell Berry (as well as anything else he has written)
  • Water for Every farm, P.A. Yeomans


  • Putting Food By, Greene et al.
  • Root Cellaring, Bubel
  • Small Scale Postharvest Handling Practices, Kitinoja and Kader
  • Stocking Up, Hupping and the Rodale Staff


  • Greene on Greens, Greene
  • Healing with Whole Foods, Pitchford
  • Laurel’s Kitchen, Robertson et al.
  • Joy of Cooking, Rombauer, Rombauer Becker, and Becker
  • Nourishing Traditions, Fallon
  • Recipies From America’s Small Farms, Hayes and Stein
  • The Eco-Foods Guide, Barstow
  • Conscious Food, Sustainable Growing & Spiritual Eating, Ewing
  • The Grassfed Gourmet Cookbook, Hayes
  • The Moosewook Cookbook, Katzen
  • The Simply Grande Gardening Cookbook, Pollard


  • Secrets of Plant Propogation, Hill
  • Solviva, Edey
  • The Solar Greenhouse Book, McCullagh


  • A Modern Herbal, Grieve
  • A Woman’s Book of Herbs, Soule
  • Green Pharmacy, Griggs


  • Biopiracy, Shiva
  • Stolen Harvest, Shiva


  • Four Season Harvest, Coleman
  • Winter Harvest Manual, Coleman


  • Breed your own Vegetable Varieties, Deppe
  • “Restoring our Seed” packet, see also their website,
  • Seed to Seed, Ashworth


  • Building Soils for Better Crops, Magdoff and van Es
  • Compost: What it is, How it’s made, What it does, Koepf
  • DIRT The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth, William Bryant Logan
  • Easy Compost, Hanson
  • Start With The Soil, Gershuny
  • The Complete Book of Composting, Rodale
  • The Living Soil Balfour
  • The Nature and Properties of Soils, Nyle C. Brady


  • A Garlic Testament, Stanley Crawford
  • Growing Great Garlic, Engeland
  • Herbal Renaissance, Foster
  • Medicinal Herbs, Sturdivant and Blakely
  • Specialty Cut Flowers, Alan Armitage
  • The Apple Grower, Phillips
  • The Back Yard Berry Book, Otto
  • The Flower Farmer, Byczynski
  • The Organic Apple Grower, Michael Philly’s
  • The Potential of Herbs as a Cash Crop, Miller


  • Diseases & Pests of Vegetable Crops in Canada, Howard, Garland, & Seaman, Edaphos Paul Sachs
  • Identifying Diseases of Vegetables, MacNab et al.
  • Rodale’s Color Handbook of Garden Insects, Anna Carr
  • The Organic Gardeners Handbook of Natural Insect and Disease Control, Ellis and Bradey
  • Vegetable Farmers and their Weed Control Machines, produced by Vern Grubinger, UVM Extension and Mary Jane Else, UMass extension
  • Weeds and What they Tell, Pfeiffer
  • Weeds of the Northeast, Uva et al.


  • B.W. Macknair & Son (horse and tractor drawn used and parts) (717)543 -5136
  • Gemper’s 1-800-382-8473
  • Griffin Greenhouse & Nursery Supplies (978)851 – 4346
  • Fertrell (717)367-1566
  • I & J Manufacturing (horse and tractor drawn equipment) (717) 442 – 9451
  • Ledgewood Farm Greenhouse Frames (603) 476 – 8829
  • NOFA MASS Bulk Order(508)224 – 3088
  • Nolt’s Produce Supplies (717) 656-9764
  • Packaging Corporation of America 1-800-898-2474
  • Peaceful Valley Farm Supply 1-888-784-1722
  • Pioneer Equipment Inc. (horsedrawn) 16875 Jericho Rd. Dalton, OH 44618
  • Market Farm Implement, 814-443-1931
  • Farm Tek, 800-327-6835
  • Growers Supply, 800-476-9715
  • Northern Supply Co., 800-631-1246
  • Kennecco Mfg, Ruskin, Fl. 813-645-2591
  • Rain Flo, East Earl, PA 717-445-6976
  • Charles Harris Co. (irrigation) 508-824-5607
  • Milikowski Greenhouse Supply, Stafford Springs, CT
  • Growell (greenhouse frames) 203-272-8147
  • Jensales (tractor manual reprints) 507-826-3777
  • Waldo and Associates (greenhouse supply) 800-468-4011
  • Market Farm Implement 814-443-1931



  • Acres USA
  • Biodynamics P.O. Box 550 Kimberton, PA 19442
  • Growing for Market P.O. Box 3747 Lawrence, Kansas 66046 (1-800-307-8949)
  • Hortideas 460 Black Lick Rd, Gravel Switch KY 40328
  • Rural Heritage Small Farmers Journal P.O. Box 1627 Sisters, Oregon 97759
  • Stockman Grass farmer 282 Commerce Park Drive Ridgeland, MS 39157 (601) 853 – 1861
  • The Land Report The Land Institute 2440 E Water Well Road Salinas, Kansas 67401
  • The Natural Farmer NOFA 411 Sheldon Road Barre, MA 01005 (978-355-2853)
  • MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association) journals
  • “New Connections”, newletter of Regional Farm and Food Project
  • New England Vegetable and Berry Conference, 2003 Proceedings
  • NOFA chapter newletters
  • Wise Traditions – In Food,Farming, and the Healing Arts – Weston A Price Foundation




  • Albert Lea Seed House, Albert Lea, MN 1-800-352-5247
  • Lakeview Organic Grain, Box 361 Penn Yan, NY 14527 315-531-1038
  • Your local co-op


  • Farmers and Their Innovative Cover Cropping Techniques, V. Grubinger, UVM
  • Vegetable Farmers and their Weed Control Machines, V. Grubinger, UVM
  • Controlled Rotational Cover Cropping in the Bio-Extensive Market Garden, a slide presentation by Anne and Eric Nordell at the 1996 PASA Conference.
  • Harvest of Fear, Exploring the Fight over Genetically Modified Food, a NOVA/Frontline Special Report, 4/24/01
  • “Healing the earth one cow at a time” By Peter Proctor, narrated by Peter CoyoteNOFA videos NOFA 411 Sheldon Road Barre, MA 01005
  • Poughkeepsie Farm Project, video by Dick Crenson, Dated: February, 08
  • Brown Family Dairy“, video by Tyler Keith, Eric Griffis, and Meghan Leonard
  • Yokna“, video by Field Humphrey, Katie Watson, and Gretchen Wood
  • Farm on Wheels“, video by Bus52
  • CUD“, video by Joe York and the Southern Foodways Alliance
  • The W.H.O. Farm“, video by Joe York and the Southern Foodways Alliance
  • Jones Valley Urban Farm“, video by Matthew Graves and  the Southern Foodways Alliance
  • Saving Seeds“, video by Joe York, Matt Bruder and the Southern Foodways Alliance
  • Eating Alabama, film by Andrew Beck Grace
  • eOrganic Webinars